Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm – The Choreography

A summer course collaboration between DOCH and Tensta konsthall where choreography, visual art, theatre and film stand in dialogue. Led by choreographers Nadja Hjorton and Stina Nyberg, visual artist Marion von Osten and more.

The course works with the exhibition Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm created by the Center for Post-Colonial Knowledge and Culture (Marion von Osten & Peter Spillmann) at Tensta konsthall, which opens in June 2016. The exhibition revolves around the play Viet Nam Diskurs from 1968, created by Peter Weiss, Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss and others. The exhibition and course look back at the background and production history of the play,in the context of the Swedish anti-Vietnam War movement in particular and on art and solidarity in general. Using choreographic methods the course participants will work with the bank of material and archive that have been built up at Tensta konsthall and put them in relation to contemporary stories. At the end of the course there will be a choreographed public presentation of the individual and collective work produced during the course.

The course ends with a collective choreography in response to the legendary play. It is a reinterpretation with a contemporary twist. During the summer, participants in the course Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm – The Choreography have individually explored choreographic practices and issues in relation to the exhibition Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm at Tensta konsthall.
The students’ own work has intertwined with the play Viet Nam Discourse and turned into Viet Nam Discourse Stockholm – The Choreography. The course is organized by Tensta konsthall and DOCH and led by choreographers Stina Nyberg and Nadja Hjorton together with the artists Marion von Osten and Peter Spillmann. The choreography was shown at the theater in Blå Huset in Tensta.