By invitation from the artist Petra Bauer and sociologist and scientist Sofia Wiberg I led Act 3: Rörelsernas språk within the project Rehearsals at Tensta konsthall.

From the exhibition text: Rehearsals is about learning to listen and not understand, as a political act. In the West, the voice is often emphasized – that is, the importance of having a voice and the importance of being heard. It is often said that a voice can create a political subject. Rehersals aims to change that: the radical act is more about listening and less about being heard. Is it possible, through listening, to create a new form of sharing? Listening as a political method is investigated in eight acts. The general theme for the acts involves the dwelling, a subject that affects many people, but in different ways. Through listening, experiences are shared with others regarding housing, the home and living conditions. Together with KITH, a multi-ethnic association, with about 250 members and premises on Glömmingegränd, and the architect Filippa Stålhane (Stockholm), the artist and film-maker, Betra Bauer (Stockholm) and political scientist and researcher, Sofia Wiberg (Stockholm) have created a corridor for listening in the gallery. It will function as a stage for the eight acts. How this space is formed is based on the women’s needs for a central area in a flexible space which can be used for the various activities they do – for instance, language teaching, sewing courses and various kinds of every day get-togethers.
Act 3, which I conducted, was a proposal for a different way of being together than through language, which had been more dominant in previous acts. The act focused on body awareness through listening, the possibility to try on (imagine) a different body and simply dancing social dances together.  It was an attempt to rearrange comfort zones and behaviours in order to create a different social space, with other capacities and relationships.
Rehearsals act 3: Rörelsernas Språk, 30 January 2014, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm
Invited by, workshopped and planned together with Petra Bauer and Sofia Wistedt