Future storytelling

This workshop was developed in collaboration with Zoë Poluch for the X-week at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.

We are obliged and feel compelled to create worlds. This precise world and other worlds. In order to do this, we need to be able to imagine them. And for this imagination to emerge, we want our skills and commitment to alchemical processes that involve sensations, affects, temporality, duration, spatial intelligence and emotions to forge the way. Or, as the writer Ursula K. Le Guin used to say, we want to be able to be “the realists of a different reality”.

During the X-week, together with Stina Nyberg and Zoë Poluch, we will summon imagination in order to dig into the practice of storytelling. And we’re not talking about the grand narratives of HIStory but the small, even minor or slight, stories that we keep telling each other. We are talking about those seemingly insignificant stories that have created who you are, the minuscule details about your body and its sensations, and the stories we tell about the future to come – the speculative and performative iterations involved in worldmaking.

We have, for a long time, put our fingers deep into history as a way to resignify our canon, pluralize our centers, ransack our genealogies, abolish our beloved universals and to particularize our “neutrals” and norms. But now, we feel ready to put the finger in the air and to make guesses for the future. For this, we need your help. Bring your personal stories, your desired futures, and a belief in changing the world through willpower (also known as magic).

Departing from personal and subjective stories that constitute your past, and mapping the group’s physical and ideological memories, we aim through moving, talking, reading and writing to tell other stories about the future. How do you prepare yourself for a future unknown? Is preparation poetic, physical, spiritual, rhythmical? 

The choreographers and dancers Stina Nyberg and Zoë Poluch are based in Sweden and have been collaborating since 2010 when they met while studying in the MA in choreography at DOCH in Stockholm. Through a wide range of dance relationships and a steady base of friendship they keep creating work, workshops, educational frameworks, texts, conversations and dances.