Camaraderie, conflict, collectivity and other conundrums

Every time I collaborate, I wonder how to do it. And every time, it’s different. In which space should we work? At what hour? Should we be as efficient as possible, or should we allow time for gossip and cooking? Can anyone come? Who pays for this, and who arranges for us to get paid? How do we decide on these things, and what do we do when we don’t already agree? What are the procedures of decision making? What is fun about this? What are you wearing? What are your food allergies? Why collaborate at all?

Within collaboration, Stina Nyberg is sometimes a dancer, sometimes a choreographer, but most of the time just seems to be invited in to fix the other person’s shit. Now, she is here to hear about your shit too. She will not fix your shit, but by the end of the workshop we will all go home with a fuller picture of what kind of shit we’re getting ourselves into when we work together.

This workshop will explore artistic collaboration as both a practice and a politics. For this specific situation this entails investigating collective movement as well as mapping our various experiences of working together. In order to get a practical grip on the do’s and don’ts of collaborative practices, we will map the participants’ current desires. What are the ethics of working together, how can we avoid agreeing for the sake of agreeing, or meeting at the lowest common denominator between us, and in the end, what constitutes a good artistic collaboration?

Over the two half days, the participants will engage in the question of collaboration through different modalities (dancing, talking, writing…). We will be confronting the hard-earned but joyful benefits of camaraderie, collectivity and conflict.

The workshop is based on a workshop developed with Zoë Poluch, and was further planned with Andros Zins-Browne, though in its latest iteration it was held by Stina Nyberg alone.

Manifesto writing