Tones & Bones

There is a distinct sense of recognition, real or imagined, when the dancers looms over you, the lights of the stage illuminating the section in which you’re seated. Their biceps are gleaming with sweat as they lean over their shoes, taking another step in another direction. It is as though these dances are the sort of songs you’d listen to if you weren’t already making them.

Tones & Bones is a dance piece and a music piece, parallel and intertwined. During its creation the performers will not only make a dance but also learn to become musicians, playing and performing the music of their own show.

The work creates a “professional amateur” through a process in which the six dancers from the Cullberg ballet learn to play instruments, make songs and perform them. At the same time the movement practice concerned with the body’s relationship to sound is crafted. The choreography focuses on how hierarchies between music and dance can be constructed, destroyed and re-constructed. The dance and the music, the tones and the bones, will be developed simultaneously allowing for them to feedback each other.

Tones & Bones is a joyful expansion of the role of the dancer, and maybe the dance company, through performing both the virtuoso and the amateur in one work. It is presented and performed by the Cullberg Ballet.

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Pre-premiere: 16 August 2014, Parkteatern Stockholm
Premiere: 10 October 2014, Idunteatern Umeå
Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Music, dance and performance: Anand Bolder, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Samuel Draper, Anna Pehrsson, Vincent van der Plas, Daniel Sjökvist
Music and sound design: Rebecca Digby
Light and set design: Chrisander Brun
Rehearsal director: Thomas Zamolo
Also made with help of: Unn Faleide, Grey Timmers, Katie Jacobson
Production: Cullberg ballet
Foto: Carl Thorborg
TRAILER: Tones & Bones