In order to be strategic we have to know the game. We start to move and the music begins to play. When the wave hits you, each of you in your own account, it bounces back and at this very moment produces a new sound. We engage in a collective activity with personal intentions. No one in this room is responsible for anyone else, yet we can’t do it alone.

Splendour – the new version of The Way Sounds Attack from 2010 premiered at the festival Another Fine Selection at MDT in Stockholm, the 3rd December 2014. Splendour is performed by Luís Miguel Félix, Ilse Ghekiere, Nadja Hjorton, Lisa Janbell, Sidney Leoni, Maryam Nikandish, Stina Nyberg, Zoë Poluch and Rebecka Stillman.

Splendour is a choreography that focuses on the body’s relationship to sound and how illusions of different causalities are created through actions and reactions.

The piece is created through a daily “techno dance practice”. The rehearsals consist exclusively of performing the entirety of the piece, which is to dance the album Archive One by Dave Clarke from beginning to end. Bound by the most banal relationship to music and by an attempt to avoid all interpretation, elaboration or creativity as such, the performers anticipate the music in order to do the sounds. The practice is strictly formulated through tasks relating to this doing, and in rehearsal no discussions are held concerning individual interpretation or performance.

Freedom and movement, as political things, must affirm their singularity away from clichés of what ”free movement” and ”moving freely” might be expected to be identified with, and represent.”                                            André Lepecki ”Weaving Politics” 2012

Through avoiding being innovative it wants to steer away from improvisation that promotes individual choices and self-expression. The performance rather aims for working with emotions and reactions that occurs at the instance the sound hits you, in order to express the illusion of bodies creating sound. The techno suggests a dance where no one depends on anyone else to do it but that insists on doing it together. The piece is carried by the imagination and conviction of both performers and audience.

Splendour is at the same time the result of the techno practice and the practice performed as such.


Performances 2018: 16-18 February, Dansens Hus Oslo, Norway / 6-24 March, performed by the BA students in dance at DOCH, Stockholm

Performances 2017: 22 March Falkenberg / 24 March Uppsala / 27 March Växjö / 29 March Karlskrona / 1 April Uddevalla / 4 April Malmö / 6 April Borås / 9 April Jönköping / 11 April MDT Stockholm

Performances 2015: 29 April Norrlandsoperan/Sagateatern Umeå / 26-30 August, Reykjavik Dance Festival / 24-25 September, David Roberts Arts Foundation, London / 27 September, The Northern Charter, Newcastle / 1-2 December, Dampfzentrale, Bern / 4-5 December, Sophiensaele, Berlin

Read reviews in Swedish here:

Västerbottenskuriren: “..en pulserande gigantisk massa av energi som dansarna styr och förflyttar med knivskarp precision och ett glitter i både ögonen och på scengolvet”.

And watch a clip from Swedish TV (Västerbottensnytt) here

Borås tidning: “Under ledning av sina inre taktpinnar integreras individerna gradvis i en kollektiv plan, med närmast symfonisk helhetsverkan.”

Jönköpingsposten: “Föreställningen gör technomusiken lika levande som en akustisk gitarr. Den är också som en levande installation som inte kan förstås utan bara upplevas.”

Danstidningen: “Samtidigt blir föreställningen till en kollektiv process där alla gestaltar musiken på var sitt sätt, ”skyfflar” musiken framför sig, kryper in i den, kniper ihop den, ”äter” den njutningsfullt – konkret, drastisk koreografi med stark intensitet och kraft, som tar in musiken i dansen på maximalt fysiskt sätt.”


Premiere: 3 December 2014, MDT Stockholm
Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Dance: Luís Miguel Félix, Ilse Ghekiere, Nadja Hjorton, Sidney Leoni, Maryam Nikandish, Stina Nyberg, Zoë Poluch and Rebecka Stillman
Light design: Chrisander Brun
Production: MDT Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, City of Stockholm, [DNA] Departures and Arrivals network which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Commission
Photo: Casper Hedberg
Trailer Splendour. Full documentation available upon request.