Sometimes the meaning of a sentence is hidden in the scrambled sounds, so let the breath of the song and the tapping of the feets of words set the rhythm tonight.

In Musical, anatomy, body, sound, song, language and object are equally dependent on eachother. Loosely built on Emotional Anatomy, a fake somatic practice for materialising emotions, the practice has materialised into several forms and expressions organized in this solo musical. The practice is made out of speculation and fantasy, hoping to imagine the world differently starting from imagining our own body differently.

Musical was developed during a residency at Movement Research in New York City, and is part of the project Fake Somatic Practice. As part of the work process I developed a series of training videos and made a work-in-progress show named Hockey & Compassion at Judson Church.

Premiere: 13 December 2012, MDT Stockolm
Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Performance: Stina Nyberg
Set design, sculptures and costume: Jens Strandberg
Dramaturgical help: Sandra Lolax
Production: Movement Research MRX New York, Konstnärsnämnden, MDT Stockholm
Also performed as Hockey & Compassion at Judson church Movement Research, New York
Photo: Casper Hedberg
Training videos
Hockey & Compassion at Judson Church