Thank you very much for coming tonight.

This is a solo based on my emotional anatomy. That is where in the body my emotions are placed, their shape, colour, sound and capacities. My emotional anatomy is personal, but you all have one.

Today I will present to you: Pain, Hope, Envy, Hate, Guilt, Pleausure, Shame and Joy. In that order.

Very welcome!

Loudspeaking is a solo made within the collaborative project Fake Somatic Practice, together with Rosalind Goldberg and Sandra Lolax.

By making my own somatic practice, Emotional Anatomy, I created a system for the materialisation of emotions – and drew a new anatomic map. Based in this new body my feelings express themselves to their audience. It’s a somatic concert where the lead singer is the body itself, and her instrument the feeling.

Press (in Swedish): Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter

Press from Curious (in Swedish): Sydsvenska dagbladet, City, City löpsedel

Premiere: September 2011, Weld Stockholm
Choreography: Stina Nyberg
Performance: Stina Nyberg
Co-workers within Fake Somatic Practice: Rosalind Goldberg and Sandra Lolax
Production: Weld Stockholm
Also performed at Curious, curated by Olof Dreijer and Jam Rostron, at Inkonst, Malmö.
Photo: Casper Hedberg