Wiberg & Nyberg

Sofia Wiberg and Stina Nyberg have been collaborating across the fields of urban planning and choreography since 2013. We are interested in collective work, based in a longing for sustainable work relations and the possibility to practice different ways of being in a society. Together, we share an interest in participation, embodied knowledges and embarrassing encounters. 

In 2022 we organize the symposium A Thinking Practice at Hägerstensåsens medborgarhus, June 10-12.  The symposium is a practiced based symposium addressing collective learning processes in relation to listening, asymmetries, filth, not-knowing and desire. We long for a space to think, feel, organize and practice with others. A space where we, despite knowing that we won’t find any simple solutions, engage with each other in a future unknown.

We have previously collaborated within “Rehearsals – 8 acts on the politics of listening” (2013-14), initiated by Sofia Wiberg together with Petra Bauer, and participated in the symposium “Participatory Practices in Art and Architecture” (2015). In november 2016 we participated in the conference AHRA (Architectural Humanities Research Association) Architecture & Feminisms: Ecologies/Economies/Technologies with our act “Listen up”: Based on our speech, we have published a text in the magazine Paletten. In 2017 we hosted a workshop on MA in Fine arts at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. We have also written a script for the publication of Gubbängsutredningen fortsätter, as part of the public housing fair Bomassan.

Paletten NR. 307-308 – 2017 University of Disaster: The practice of listening

Architecture & Culture: Volume 5, 2017 – Issue 3: Styles of Queer Feminist Practices and Objects in Architecture. Listen up!