The Tesla Project: Alternating Currents

Alternating Currents is a part of the Tesla Project, a choreographed concert by Maria W Horn and Stina Nyberg. It was performed with The woman who lit the world at Revolve festival, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala on the 19 May, during the festival Almost Summer at BUDA in Kortrijk, Belgium, and at Norbergfestivalen in summer 2018.

Alternating Currents is an intermedial electricity concert choreographed and performed by Maria W Horn, Stina Nyberg and a frequency-controllable Tesla coil. The concert is one part of a long-term obsession with the inventor Nikola Tesla and the early 1900’s phenomena of touring electricity shows.

Through flashing lightning bolts, the Tesla coil creates a sound which resembles distorted trance synths threading piercing melodies through ozone-filled air. In combination with dialogues reflecting on science, magic and electrocution, the concert creates a womb-like atmospheres with the lingering threat of bodily harm.

There is a lack of public fascination with electricity, but Alternating Currents is here to cure that.


Music: Maria W Horn
Performance: Maria W Horn and Stina Nyberg with occasional guest singer Sara Parkman
Tesla coil operator: Katti Alm
Photo: Jens Sethzman
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