Sidney Leoni

HertZ, the new creation by Sidney Leoni, is set in a highly porous environment saturated by light and sound phenomena. This region is permeated by a parallel world in which unexpected practical strategies for both sonic and visual orientation become necessary to navigation. In near darkness, the theater space amplifies the emerging micro-ecosystems heightening the relations between sound, light and humans; all barely visible, yet haptically and audibly perceptible. Created together with the artists Frédéric Alstadt, Kjetil Brandsdal, Jan Fedinger, Martin Lervik, Stina Nyberg, Morten J. Olsen, Jonathan Saldanha and Sandy Williams, HertZ is a hybrid choreography of sound and light in which any physical manifestations are temporary and unforeseeable; all invariably converging with the environment’s immersive forces.

Undertone is a choreography that focuses on the potentials of sensory perception of the audience. Stemming from the interest to challenge spectatorship and destabilize the convention of watching performance, Undertone invites the audience to participate in an orchestration of fictional spaces. The performance prioritizes mechanisms of perception other than vision by proposing an immersive experience of different kinds of stimuli. In Undertone, the body of the audience members is considered in all its potentiality to sense and navigate within an environment composed of a large spectrum of sensory movements such as tastes, sounds, smells, temperature fluctuations, touches, and ephemeral scenographies.

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Concept and choreography: Sidney Leoni
Performance: Kjetil Brandsdal, Martin Lervik, Sidney Leoni, Stina Nyberg, Morten J. Olsen, Jonathan Uliel Barbosa Saldanha, Sandy Williams
Music: Kjetil Brandsdal, Morten J. Olsen, Jonathan Uliel, Barbosa Saldanha, Frédéric Alstadt
Lighting design: Jan Fedinger
Sound craft: Frédéric Alstadt
Costume design: Jennifer Defays
Dramaturgical assistance: Manon Santkin
Discussion partners: Mette Ingvartsen, Franziska Aigner, Christine de Smedt, Andros Zins-Browne
Concept and choreography: Sidney Leoni

Performed with Amanda Apetrea, Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Andros Zins-Browne, Ben Evans, Christina Vantzou, Eliisa Erävalo, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Ivar Furre Aam, Linnea Backgård, Ludvig Daae, Luís Miguel Félix, Manon Santkin, Mariana My Suikkanen Gomes, Martin Lervik, Mattias Lech, Sidney Leoni, Stina Nyberg and Tom Engels.
Sound designer: Peter Lenaerts
Fragrance design: Laurent David Garnier
Technique: Roy Carol and Nick Symons