Mårten Spångberg

Epic is a production by Mårten Spångberg featuring nine dancers and a large scale mise en scène, consisting of eight autonomous solos wrapped around an organic structure where the haute-weird shake it with squid like movements in an endless orgasm and darkness shines kaleidoscopic in psychedelic orchestration. It is an archaeology in search of its ur-trauma, the moment of necessity, of being true to the universe and of making a dance. “Epic” is the gothic part of comedy scratching the crust of the earth lifting its head to the sky like only a singer song-writer can do, the darkest horror of cosmic death-drive and the paralyzing fear of circular double speech. It’s a cheese maker on a fading horizon or it’s epic, all of it and everything else too.

For more about Mårten, visit him or read The Guardian.

Premiere: April 2012, MDT Stockholm
Choreography: Mårten Spångberg
Performance: Emma Kim Hagdahl, Linnea Martinsson, Rebecka Stillman, Stina Nyberg, Uri Tukenich, Zoe Poluch, Johan Thelander, Andrea Csaszni Rygh, Marcus Doverud and others.
Assistant: Marika Troili