Eleanor Bauer

As part of Eleanor Bauer’s PhD research she has invited ten dancers into Coven Press – a collective dancing-writing pod. Together they collaborate departing from the Greek etymology of their own discipline: khoreía “dancing together” and graphia “writing” to understand the place of writing in the embodied, social, and oral practices and traditions of dance-making.

Eleanor Bauer, Kai Evans, Alice MacKenzie, Stina Nyberg, Tilman O’Donnell, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Zoë Poluch, Adam Seid Tahir, Alexander Talts and Juliette Uzor form Coven Press – a fictional (or yet to be) publishing company.  Working with the frictions, collisions, translations, love affairs and gaps between dancing and writing in a choreographic search for “the simplest containers in which the complexity of dance can thrive,” Bauer and her collaborators toggle dancing practices and writing practices in search for ways that the two media of thought may best serve each other. The work started in 2019 and continues in 2020.

As part of their first work period, they presented a performance at the festival Moving in November in Helsinki, Finland, in the beginning of November 2019.

As part of their second work period, conducted mainly through Zoom, the performance A lot of moving parts VII (Sleeping giant dreams) will be presented at Dansens Hus, Stockholm, October 1-3rd.

Photo: Mariangela Pluchino