Questions relating to local practice, white hegemony in the arts + the commons have stalked
my engagement with civic society in the past year. These questions intersect precisely to
produce Radio 43, a project made for, by + with local protagonists for a specific + delimited
audience. It takes the form of a very limited radius broadcast: from 43 Lillåvägen to 43
Lillåvägen, its low-level radio transmission reaching the 9-story building itself located in a
suburb of Stockholm, home to approximately 162 people. Challenging today’s structural,
systemic + practical limits to ordinary people’s participation in electronic speech, Radio 43
attempts to literally give voice as well as the hopeful possibility of transformative expression.
How can this building become “our” house – a common concern, a common care where we
not only live side-by-side but also together, with each other?