In distance, there is a field;
In that field, there is a series;
In that series, there are surfaces;
In those surfaces, there are resources;
In those resources, there are invisible materialities;
In invisible materialities, there is value;
In that value, there is nonsense;
In that nonsense, there is a pattern;
In that pattern, there is event;
In that event, there is interruption;
In that interruption, there is a looking glass;
In that looking glass, there is an eye.

The eye smothered the looking glass;
The looking glass poked the interruption;
The interruption bruised the event;
The event jumped on the pattern;
The pattern threw out the nonsense;
The nonsense kidnapped the value;
The captive value hijacked the invisible materialities:
The invisible materialities devoured the resource;
The leftover resource got caught in the surface;
The tangled surface crashed into the series;
The series tickled the field;
The bursting field eliminated the distance.

A performance for seven poles and seven people.