Jens and I’s ongoing working friendship continued into the basement of MDT for two weeks in June 2014.


June, 2014

Dear Jens,

I know, it has been awhile. I am sorry for that.

I feel so good, finally sitting down and writing to you. So much has been piling up; I wish I could teleport and give you a guided tour. My face would be blushing, is blushing.

Soon, though, we will meet – voice to voice, smell to smell, foot to foot, back to back. The pocket-sized bag of jewels that I want to lay out, fondle, sketch, discover other uses for and alchemically transform into gold together with you starts to take shape. These kaleidoscopic and sparkling jewels are erotics, intimacy, friend love, art love. I feel you leaning in, here. I sense that I’ve seduced you, almost. Can I catch you with this: erotics as play, existence as encounters, satisfaction in openness, dynamics of patience, joy of desire – what attention or intention do these need?

For me, they needs action. Sensation. They need my body, need your body, our body.

What if our erotic is always already out there? In that case, is it a matter of observation, tuning our perception, listening? When is everything some thing and not nothing? When is no thing something and not everything? Can we find that some thing, together? Some thing that you and I only can do? That leads me to intuition, about being together and persisting with action prior to articulation. I long for long days of foreplay. Of touch. Forget fore-play. We can just play-play.

Love always,