in a workshop working with dancing as a verb, as an activity in contrast to as a noun, as a static and fixed phenomenon that we look at. What follows below is the outcome of a two day workshop that I led in Stockholm in September 2012 with 10 other artists working in dance and choreography.

Dance and choreography need more discourse, this is sure, but the conceptual turn in the 90s has had the effect of producing many performances that simply illustrate concepts, and still ‘do’ theory separate from practice. This workshop was a collective attempt to prompt affective and active modes for theorizing, making dance itself theorize its own actions. We wanted to claim our experiential knowledge as doers.

Dancing is rhythm moving through and around me and the space.

Dancing is moving my body in every possible way through time and space.

Dancing is listening and resonance.

Dancing is feeling my body, feeling a groove.

Dancing is relating to stuff (room, space, people, breath, air, sound, etc.).

Dancing is an exploration of what I have/consist of (bones, muscles, etc.).

Dancing is doing a lot of things at the same time.

Dancing is investigating a theme.

Dancing is your being hosting for just a short moment every and any possible relation (that existed, that exists, that will will exist).

Dancing is automatic and resists conscious construction/decision making.

Dancing is for itself and non-teleological.

Dancing is pointless moving and emotional.

Dancing is moving and feeling and thinking.

Dancing is moving and maybe feeling.

Dancing is moving with the goal of dancing.

Dancing is an experience of old experiences

Dancing is getting really involved in a task.

Dancing is performing the general idea of how dancing looks like.

Dancing is moving with purpose.

Dancing is hot thinking.

Dancing is moving your body in a way that feels good.

Dancing is what I understand to be.

Dancing is about using whatever knowledge or technique stored in your body when thinking about dancing.

Dancing is dance because I say it is dance.

Dancing does not have any specific track that does not also belong to something else.

Dancing is listening.

Dancing is like, I mean…you know…kind of like…a little bit to the left and then jump but not if you don’t like to…or sort of…something like that. It is what it is.

Dancing can be releasing.

Dancing is to approach movements from different viewpoints.

Dancing is a body moving in space, only moving because the body and mind want to.

Dancing is to relate to other people’s bodies, the space you are in, the context and your previous experiences in a spontaneous way.

Dancing is relating to the world (space, time, etc.) through the body, its parts and sensations, etc.

Dancing is enjoying your whole being in the present.

Dancing is devouring, hungrily attacking a situation —- its space, feelings, atmosphere, color, rhythm, etc.

Dancing is moving your body with no other purpose than that moving, knowing that it is a dance.

Dancing is movements you cannot define anything other than dance.

Dancing is total acceptance of your whole being and playing with what you got or not.

Dancing is not acrobatics.

Dancing is preparing to be spontaneous.

Dancing is tricks within the space around your body.

Dancing is not instant composition.

Dancing does not have any other purpose than dancing (such as warming up, working out, stretching, getting into one’s body, socializing, etc.).

Dancing is not about shape or form.

Dancing is affirming physical phenomenons.

Dancing is acting silly and experiencing the body’s capacities in a legitimate frame.

Dancing is not there to look at.

Dancing is about being connected to everything.

Dancing is not about researching or discovering the body or new aspects of it.

Dancing is a magical, soft, crispy, electric state of mind.

Dancing is …

Dancing is a way of understanding and experiencing the world.

Dancing is among other things a state of experiencing one’s own physicality.

Dancing is among other things to be spontaneous and “here and gone”.

Dancing is not about dramaturgy, strucutre or accumulation.

Dancing is to experience and affirm one’s own movement and physicality in relation to rhythm.

Dancing is the urgency of the affirmation of capacities.

Dancing is ugly. Dancing is the freedom of ugliness.

Dancing is the urge of new moves.

Dancing is fun. Fun is number one.

Dancing is seeing dancing as an activity that can stand alone without the support of other activities or any other framing.

Dancing is staying in a concentration that is somehow understood as dancing, I am dancing therefore I am dancing.

Dancing in the eye of the spectator can be dramaturgy, composition, and structure.

Dancing alone is very different from dancing in a group.

Dancing is maximum being.

Dancing is maximum living.

Dancing is telling without knowing you are telling.

Dancing is always action.

Dancing is to move when you are in the zone.

Dancing is the activity of keeping the whole body (needless to say the mind is body) busy, at the same time leaving no space for anything else.

Dancing is playing, always reformulating the rules.

Dancing is inventing.

Dancing is improvising.

Dancing is not improvising nor creation.

Dancing is going in and out of different actions/activities.

Dancing is telling a story.

Dancing is diving into another world.