Zoë Poluch has the unique capacity to make the most simple questions into complex investigations, and thus the format of a bio into an impossible endeavour. Her practice spans from instigating practice based collaborations to dancing poems about dance, in a detour across stage performances, sound choreographies and movements of the social life. Her deeply critical eye for the contemporary dance scene is based on a long term and practice-based interest in the moving body. As she teaches, dances, talks, writes and thinks, she does it with a precise gymnastics of the senses. Zoë completed her masters degree in choreography at DOCH, Stockholm in 2010. Since then she has not developed one distinct choreographic interest or signature, but instead experiments with the different shapes of writing, dancing, organizing symposia, performing, collaborating, choreographing, reading and talking. Making performances has surfaced as the best excuse to bring together and forth a group that can actively approach and challenge “how to work”, questioning both the conditions to make work and how work encounters an audience. Lately, this work is attracted to developing and challenging various modes of co-existence, recently in the shape of a site-specific project located in a 9-story building in a Stockholm suburb. One activity that resiliently attracts her, at times mysteriously, is dancing. She looks forward to the far future, perhaps 2070, when she will inaugurate a dance company for powerful people over 70 years old and tour all the big stages of the world. In the past, she studied, trained and worked in Canada and Belgium and could be found dancing and acting on big and small stages, kind of all over. Recently, this has included her own work, a solo called “Example”, a collaborative performance with Kim Coleman and Cara Tolmie, performing with The Knife’s “Shaking the Habitual” concert/show, “On Air” with Nadja Hjorton, dancing in “Splendour” by Stina Nyberg and regurgitating history together with the feminist choreographic project “Samlingen”.

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MAI, Montréal — Radio III premiere, premiere of a new dance performance made together with Hanako Hoshimi-Caines and Elisa Harkins
Pajala, Linköping, Ulricehamn, Borlänge — Samlingen (choreographers collective with Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Halla Olafsdottir, Stina Nyberg) makes a new collection for Riksteatern touring repertory
MDT, Stockholm — mapping and designing the upcoming symposium Post post dancing
ADC (Association pour la Danse Contemporaine) – Genève, Tanzhaus, – Zurich, Théâtre Sévelin – Lausanne, Switzerland — Living Room, a commissioned dance performance made for the graduating students at La Manufacture
Bomassan, Stockholm – Stensittning/Rocksitting, a commission to choreograph a city walk in the Stockholm suburb of Hökarängen
SPACE, London — Aphelion Slip, performance made with visual artists Cara Tolmie and Kim Coleman premieres at Block Universe Performance Festival
Stockholm, Norrköping — performing panel discussion at Cullberg Ballet’s Jubilee symposium and Scen, Konst, Praktik: En spaning arranged by Kulturrådet at Scenkonstbiennalen
Sweden — performing in Stina Nyberg’s Splendour in Sweden as part of Dansnät Sverige
London/Stockholm — choreographing and editing a video work together with Cara Tolmie and Kim Coleman that emerges from the material of the performance Aphelion Slip
Stockholm — Radio 43, a site specific choreography in a 9 story apartment building with support from the Swedish Arts Council
Köttinspektion, Uppsala — responsible for “artistic documentation” of the Sunday Circles event
Wanås Sculpture Park, Köttinspektion Uppsala, Museum Anna Nordlander Skellefteå — performing Example in conjunction with Tour de Dance
MARC, Kivik — in residence for a week of research
Works at Work symposium, Copenhagen — Samlingen (choreographers collective with Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, Halla Olafsdottir) presents lecture performance The History of Female Collectives
Weld, Stockholm — writes introduction text for Weld Company’s book “No Talking, No Props”
Olten, Switzerland — final performance of Accords with cie. ZOO, choreography by Thomas Hauert, after 7 years of international touring
MDT, Stockholm – POSTDANCE conference, Samlingen are invited as key note speakers
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm – Samlingen occupy Hörsalen
DRAF, London & Northern Charter, Newcastle & Reykjavik International Dance Festival, Iceland — performing Stina Nyberg’s Splendour and facilitating workshop Dancing/Talking/Hoping
MDT, Stockholm – co-organized FORTBILDNING, an attempt to create a self-organized, co-working space to facilitate exchange inside of the choreography and dance scene in Stockholm
Another Fine Selection festival, MDT, Stockholm – performing in Stina Nyberg’s Splendour
We Love Radio festival, Buda, Kortrijk, Belgium – performing Nadja Hjorton’s On Air
Dansenshus, Stockholm — Under Influence, a long film including me dancing made by Sidney Leoni has a premiere
Reykjavik International Dance Festival, Iceland – performed On Air
Europe – playing, dancing and performing in the final tour of Shaking the Habitual: the shaken-up version, the latest version of the live concert/performance with and by the electronic music group The Knife
Stockholm – dancing in Robyn and Röyksopp’s new video for the single Monument, choreographed by Jefta Van Dinther
MDT, Stockholm – residency with artist Jens Strandberg working on our ongoing collaboration
USA and Canada – playing, dancing and performing in Shaking the Habitual: the shaken-up version, the latest version of the live concert/performance with and by the electronic music group The Knife
MDT and Dansenshus, Stockholm – On Air, a collaboration with choreographer Nadja Hjorton premieres
MDT, Stockholm – Example, choreography by Zoë Poluch
Dansmuseet, Stockholm – Samlingen, a new work co-choreographed with Amanda Apetrea, Nadja Hjorton, Stina Nyberg, and Halla Olafsdottir for Cullberg Ballet
Europe – Shaking the Habitual plays a variety of very large scale music festivals
Santarcangelo, Italy – residency and premiere of I Sotacetti (Ep I), collaboration with Valentina Desideri, Paula Caspao, and Stefan Tiron
Europe – Shaking the Habitual, the live concert/performance with and by the electronic music group The Knife premieres during an extensive European tour
Barcelona – THE FUTURE (a loose collective of choreographers from USA, Portugal, Sweden, and Iceland that seek alternative possibilities for production) has its first official week-long work meeting
Folk Operan, Stockholm – launch of Maximum Spaces, an artist-run digital booking system that aspires to share and distribute unused work spaces of Stockholm (
Stockholm – granted residency at SITE for one year
Stockholm – teaching Hanna Hellström (graduating dance student from SEAD Salzburg) Example for her final year examination project
STOA Music Hall, Helsinki – Example, choreography by Zoë Poluch at Ice Hot Festival
Weld, Stockholm – commissioned by Koreografiska Konstitutet as a dancer and choreographer for their performance series DODO Manuskriptet
MDT, Stockholm – co-editing The Swedish Dance History
Dansenshus, Stockholm – performer in Gunilla Heilborn’s latest production Akademien
Theatre de la Cité Internationale, Paris – Example, choreography by Zoë Poluch, part of Festival de l’Automne
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm – co-curated Practice Symposium, an international symposium of practitioners in choreography
Dramatikkens hus, Oslo – SO WHAT, performance by Zoë Poluch and Valentina Desideri at POSTSPECTACLE
Montréal – K-H-Z, collaborative research project with Katie Ward and Hanako Hoshimi-Caines
Reykjavik International Dance Festival, Iceland – Example, choreography by Zoë Poluch
In-presentables Festival, Madrid – SO WHAT, performance by Zoë Poluch and Valentina Desideri
Brussels – participated in Performance Kit Lab, research process initiated by Manon Santkin & Leslie Mannes
MDT, Stockholm – performer in Epic, choreographed by Mårten Spångberg
Gävle Konsthall, Gävle – The Hills, performance and installation made together with visual artist Jens Strandberg
Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm – contributor to The Continuation Institute’s event called The Cut
Stockholm – co-writing The Coming Boogie Woogie, a 260-page choreographic encyclopedia of strategies, ideas, movements and concepts distributed worldwide
Stockholm – dancer for Minna Wendin in The Phrase
DOCH, Stockholm – during my Masters studies I had the exceptional opportunity to work alongside and make works with, among others, artists Tania Bruguera, Christine De Smedt, Nadja Hjorton, Kim Hiorthoy, Mette Ingvartsen, Jennifer Lacey, Xavier Le Roy, Ann Liv Young, Stina Nyberg, Juli Reinartz, Jan Ritsema, Eszter Salamon, Tino Seghal, Mårten Spångberg, Rebecka Stillman, Uri Turkenich. In addition, I showed my own works made during the education entitled Whatever, Pushover, As If, SO WHAT and Example at MDT, Weld, DOCH, Atalante (Gothenberg), and Paf, Performing Arts Forum (France)
Brussels – film shoot with renowned dance film maker Theirry de Mey of Accords, choreography by Thomas Hauert
Montréal, FTA: Festival TransAmériques – You are Here, premiere of collaboration with Stephen Thompson
Paris, Ferme de Buisson – screening of short film KOD made with Isabella Soupart
Théatre du Chaillot, Paris – playing Ophelia in KOD, an adaptation of Hamlet directed by Isabella Soupart
KunstenFestivaldesArts, Brussels – dancer in Accords, with cie. ZOO, choreography by Thomas Hauert
Belgium – dancer in Puzzled, with cie. ZOO, choreography by Thomas Hauert
KunstenFestivaldesArts, Brussels – playing Ophelia in KOD, an adaptation of Hamlet directed by Isabella Soupart
France/Canada – Les Petites Feintes, dancer in duet choreographed by cie. O Vertigo’s Ginette Laurin
Tangente, Montréal – Thru, a duet in collaboration with choreographer Chanti Wadge
Pixel Projects, Montréal – Seven Minutes, choreography by Zoë Poluch
Involved in creations, touring, reprises and research with choreographers Hélene Blackburn, Bill Coleman, Sylvain Émard, Lucie Gregoire, Emanuel Jouthe, Sylvain Poirier, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Dominique Porte, David Pressault, George Stamos, Micheal Trent, Isabelle Van Grimde, and Katie Ward

Employed 50% as Assistant Professor in contemporary dance at DOCH, Institution for Dance
Pedagogy and guest teaching regularly in the program BA Dance
Ungsyn Riksförbund, Stockholm — Facilitated workshops for and with visually impaired youth
La Manufacture, Lausanne — teaching Bachelor students in contemporary dance a 6-week intensive block on methods of collaboration
Danscentrum, Stockholm — teaching at daily training

Wanås, Skåne — teaching workshops to SFI students in relation to performances at the sculpture park
Non-Conference, Estonia & DRAF, London & Reykjavik International Dance Festival, Iceland – facilitating workshop Dancing/Talking/Hoping together with Stina Nyberg
DOCH, Stockholm – supervisor for Runa Norheim, Master student in Choreography
Balletakademin, Stockholm – workshop in theory in dance
Paf Summer University, France – co-curate and organize together with Jan Ritsema, Mårten Spångberg and Christian Töpfner one week of activities revolving around Michel Foucault’s Care of the Self
DOCH, Stockholm – supervisor for Emma Tolander’s final exam project for Masters in Choreography; lecture, seminar session and supervision for exam projects for Bachelor students in dance
DOCH, Stockholm – supervisor for students of Bachelors in dance final exam projects
Mejan, Royal College of Art, Stockholm – co-taught a week long workshop addressing dance with mychoreography colleagues
DansAlliansen, Stockholm – co-taught Dancing is… workshop with Stina Nyberg
Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm – guest teacher in the workshop series “YAPP”
La Raffinerie, Brussels – co-teaching with Martin Kilvády a week-long workshop for the professional training program at Charleroi Danses
France/Switzerland – teaching contemporary technique and improvisation to various schools through the program of the Centre Choréographique National á Belfort
La Raffinerie, Brussels – teaching contemporary technique in the professional training program at Charleroi Danses
Ljubljana, Slovenia – (Un)common Ground; Dancing Together and Apart, workshop for professionals taught in collaboration with Martin Kilvády
Impulstanz Festival, Vienna – teaching assistant for Chrysa Parkinson and Martin Kilvády in coaching project called Lost and Found, developing a personal practice
Conservatory of Dance, Bratislava, Slovakia – professor of contemporary dance, summer school

Royal College of Art, Stockholm – Critical Habitats post-masters course
DOCH, Stockholm – Masters in Choreography
During the course of the MA in Choreography (also known as mychoreography) I participated in workshops given by Elie Ayache, Franco Bifo Berardi, Tania Bruguera, Jonathan Burrows, Alice Chauchat, Bojana Cvejic, Christine de Smedt, Valeria Graziano, Stefano Harney, Keith Hennesy, Mette Ingvartsen, Lars Bang Larsen, Andre Lepecki, Xavier Le Roy, Ann Liv Young, Raimundas Malašauskas, Randy Martin, Luciani Parisi, Petra Sabisch, Eszter Salamon, Florian Schneider, Tino Seghal, Akseli Virtanen, Dorotea Von Hantelmann, Olav Westphalen
Montréal/Brussels – Training the Eye, workshop for invited guests led by dramaturges Ginelle Chagnon, Guy Cools and Lin Snelling
Contact improvisation classes with Andrew Harwood
Forsythe improvisational technologies and repertoire with Elizabeth Corbett
Axis Syllabus technique with Frey Faust
Montréal/New York City – workshop in Klein Technique with Barbara Mahler, technique with Peggy Baker, Chrysa Parkinson, Janet Panetta, Martin Kilvády
Impulstanz Festival, Vienna – classes with David Zambrano, Janet Panetta, Martin Kilvády, Feldenkrais technique
Berlin – workshop with Sasha Waltz & Guests: classes in technique, contact improv, yoga, meditation, and taketina
Brussels – workshop/audition with Meg Stuart
Impulstanz Festival, Vienna – movement and music Improvisation workshop with Mark Tompkins and Nuno Rebelo
Brussels – release classes at Ultima Vez
Vancouver – improvisation workshop with Peter Bingham and Chris Aiken
Impulstanz Festival, Vienna – intensive research and training with Emio Greco, Vera Mantero, Ko Murobushi
Montréal – workshops in release technique, improvisation and Alexander Technique with Andrew Harwood, Benoit Lachambre, Jeremy Nelson, Lisa Nelson, Shelley Senter, Joan Skinner, Angelique Wilkie
The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Canada – Professional Training Program (Dance),
Intensive training in Graham and Limon technique, modern barre, improvisation, contact improvisation, theatre, dance history and anatomy
2018 — Studiostipendiet, Konstnärsnämnden, two week residency to bring Hanako Hoshimi-Caines to Stockholm to commence our new production
2016 — Nordic Culture Contact awards travel and exchange grant
2015 — The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) travel grant, exchange grant and working grant (arbetsstipendium)
2013/2014 – Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) project grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) travel grant and project grant
2011/2012 – Jardin d’Europe co-production through Cullberg Ballet, Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet) project grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden) travel grant and working grant
2006 – Canada Council for the Arts, Professional Development Grant for a personal research project
2002 – Canada Council for the Arts, Professional Development Grant, Canada’s representative for DanceWeb, a scholarship program for young professionals at Vienna’s Impulstanz Festival
2000 – British Columbia Arts Council Bursary for professional studies