What is a moderate amount of generosity? Can astrology be harmful? What star sign are you? And can you make it next tuesday?

The Academy gathers to rebuild and to talk. It is a place where any subject can be useful, even if is used a little bit less.

The performers Kristiina Viiala, Johan Thelander, Zoë Poluch and Ludvig Daae discuss, wander, walk patterns, sing and dance. They form the academy, or at least they are the members that came – most of the others are dead. Together they will start the rebuilding. Maybe they will plant some trees.


Choreography: Gunilla Heilborn in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Johan Thelander, Kristiina Viiala, Zoë Poluch, Ludvig Daae
Visual design: wiklundwiklund
Music: Kim Hiorthøy
Light design: Miriam Helleday
Managing director/international management: Åsa Edgren/Locoworld
Production and tour management: Emmy Astbury
Technical coordination: Lumination
Photo: wiklundwiklund