In Accords, ZOO/Thomas Hauert continues his research with body and movement, focusing more specifically on the relationship between dance and music. Accords is a choreographic composition that one experiences like a musical arrangement. The dancers “graft” themselves onto musical pieces, playing their bodies like instruments, and rendering the music “visible” through a complex network of individual and supra-individual actions and reactions. The dynamics, harmonies, melodies, and counterpoints, and even the sensual experience of musical interpretation are translated, amplified, or redirected through the body. The audience might think that they are watching choreography set to music. Nevertheless, the process of creating movement – improvised – proves here to be radically different. It’s a “democratic” process based on individual freedom and fixed attention to the other. A process that aims to achieve a choreographic complexity that far surpasses that of a set work. Thomas Hauert chooses to rely on the intuitive intelligence of the body and the group.