Right Now

Immunsystemet, the latest performance by Rosalind Goldberg, Sandra Lolax and myself will be performed at Tanz im August in Berlin the 25-27th August.

Horrible Mixtures will be performed in Stockholm during The September Issue on the 15-17th September. Program for the whole months festival/event will be up soon!

Thunderstruck – I am following in the engineer Nikola Tesla’s footsteps; from former Yugoslavia to New York City, to learn everything there is to know about electricity, magic and being a genius. I have met Branimir Jovanovic who showed me Tesla’s private library the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Joe Kinney who showed me Tesla’s hotel room at the Hotel New Yorker, and Jane Alcorn who showed me the remains of the Wardenclyffe tower at Tesla Science Center on Long Island, and I have visited the one remaining building of the old Adam’s Power Plant in Niagara Falls. I am building my own Tiny Tesla coil with the help of the coilers Miroslav, Nikola and David at maker spaces in Belgrade and New York City, I have danced with a big tesla coil with the help of expert coiler and foot therapist Finn Hammer in Denmark, and I have interviewed the electrician Ninni Blom, the electro engineer Jennifer Råsten and the shiatsu therapist Ina Dokmo on the dubious existence of electricity. I have dug into the essence of the nerd with the help of archivist Sandra Linnell, dug into the folds of choreography with the help of Zoë Poluch and I will dig into performance making with the help of Andros Zins-Browne and music making with the help of Maria Horn. The research continues in the autumn 2017. Premiere on the 21th October at the festival Kondenz in Belgrade and performances the 28-29 October + 1-2 November at MDT in Stockholm.


Tour dates 2017:

21 October, Kondenz Festival, Belgrade PREMIERE
28-29 October + 1-2 November MDT, Stockholm

2-4 March, Pre-premiere at Mad House, Helsinki
11-12 March, Premiere at Weld, Stockholm
27-29 April, Skogen, Göteborg
25-27 August, Tanz im August, Berlin

Horrible Mixtures
6-8 February, Side Step festival, Helsinki
15-17 September, The September Issue, Stockholm

Shapes of States
24-25 May, Scenkonstbiennalen, Norrköping
29-30 May, Blockuniverse, London

22 March, Falkenberg
24 March, Uppsala
27 March, Växsjö
29 March, Karlskrona
1 April, Uddevalla
4 April, Malmö
6 April, Borås
9 April, Jönköping
11 April, Stockholm (MDT)