Right Now

This new year starts off in New York! Until summer, you find me here, cold as winter and ready for the world. So, just call me. I will be making a series of dances, performing some of them, conspiring with Andros Zins-Browne and seeing everything worth seeing.

First up, I will participate in Performance Studio Open House at Center for Performance Research with a first iteration of my dance “Make hay while the sun shines”. Come and have a look and give some feedback on February 26th.

Second up, on April 25-26th I perform Thunderstruck at Counterpulse in San Fransisco, followed by the concert Alternating Current with musician Maria W Horn at Stanford Live on April 27. Then, I go to Seattle to perform The Woman who Lit the World at the Nordic Museum in Seattle on May 2nd. All of these works are both part of the Tesla project which seem to be a well of wonder.

Third up, I will participate at Performance Mix festival on the 6-9 June at University Settlement with an upcoming, secret, unknown, but probably quite beautiful dance work.

If you pass by NYC, I have a sofa and would love to dance with you!

Photo: Märta Thisner