Right Now

Right now, times are precarious and lonely as we stay in a social distance, trying to make society well again. Take care! But do call me.

The ongoing work Make Hay While the Sun Shines recently presented a short film and a book release in collaboration with Dansnät Sverige and MDT in April 2021. If you wish to read the book, email me your home address and I will send it over!

Premiering in September is a new work on commission from Riksteatern, entitled Lucky Numbers. A duet of rhytmical sampling and patchwork made with the dancers Lisa Janbell and Ama Kyei, set and light designer Josefin Hinders, visual artist Anna Nordström and with music by Rroxymore.

And when things become cold again, Samlingen returns with Svenska baletten at Dansmuseet in Stockholm, this time in collaboration with a bunch of dancers.

Maryam Nikandish in Make Hay While the Sun Shines. Photo: Res
THE BOOK Make Hay While the Sun Shines