Right Now

You find me inbetween works and collaborations, letter writing and walks, and the thought of sex with ghosts. This spring I started a beautiful collaboration with the producer Frida Tiger, and together we will plan for the unknown future.

My work with the Tesla project continues in 2018 and I just presented the outcome of the collaboration with the choreographers Andros Zins-Browne and Diederik Peeters under the name Spectrophilia, at BUDA in Kortrijk, where also the concert Alternating Currents with musician Maria W Horn was presented. I also keep developing my investigations into the wireless in my choreographed talk about the two geniuses Nikola Tesla and Stina Nyberg, in The Woman who Lit the World

Together with the citizen run Bomassan I have also just started the work with Söderortsspelet. A live event, a performance, a workshop, which engages locally with the community in Hökarängen for the making of an outdoor summer play with humans and dogs. The event will be presented in mid August in Hökarängen.

Tour dates 2018:

16-18 February, Dansens Hus Oslo
6-24 March, performed by BA students in dance, DOCH Stockholm

The Tesla Project; lecture performance and choreographed concert
18 May, Revolve festival, Köttinspektionen Uppsala

Shapes of States
30-31 May, MDT Stockholm

22 June, BUDA, Kortrijk, Belgium

11 August, Bomassan, Hökarängen, Stockholm

21 October-21 November, Swedish tour with Riksteatern

Photo: Märta Thisner