Right Now

The Tesla Project- I have followed Nikola Teslas travels, from former Yugoslavia to NYC, and I am currently in New York to learn everything there is to know about electricity. In May I started my research with a residency at Station in Belgrade, Serbia. The performance will be developed during this year with a premiere on the 20th October at the festival Kondenz in Belgrade and performances the 26-29 October at MDT in Stockholm.

Immunsystemet, the new performance by Rosalind Goldberg, Sandra Lolax and myself will be performed at Tanz im August in Berlin the 25-27th August. Our performance investigates the ordinary discomforts of the body, the rough touch of care and the backside of wellness.

Tour dates 2017:

2-4 March, Pre-premiere at Mad House, Helsinki
11-12 March, Premiere at Weld, Stockholm
27-29 April, Skogen, Göteborg
25-27 August, Tanz im August, Berlin

Horrible Mixtures
6-8 February, Side Step festival, Helsinki
15-17 September, The September Issue, Stockholm

Shapes of States
24-25 May, Scenkonstbiennalen, Norrköping
29-30 May, Blockuniverse, London

22 March, Falkenberg
24 March, Uppsala
27 March, Växsjö
29 March, Karlskrona
1 April, Uddevalla
4 April, Malmö
6 April, Borås
9 April, Jönköping
11 April, Stockholm (MDT)