The Object is Complication

The Objects is Complication was made for the exhibition “August 2002 – ongoing, and back” (Leeds College of Art, 16th Nov – 16th Dec, 2011) with Sam Kennedy.

Simone Wonnacott, principal of Leeds College of Art, agreed to carry a sculpture throughout the duration of the exhibition. Under the terms of the contract signed by all participants, Simone Wonnacott were obliged to make sculpture available to students of the school and the wider public by appointment. It was possible to book an appointment or stop by her office at Blenheim Walk to view the work.

The Objects is Complication is a copy of the sculpture Reclining Woman: Elbow from 1981 by Henry Moore, which is on display outside Leeds art gallery and was covered over during a demonstration. The sculpture is a weighty copper cast object that heavily effected Simone Wonnacott daily doings and aimed to investigate if an object could encourage conversations between administrative staff and students, something which often is lacking in universities and art schools.