Domestic Art Practice

Domestic Art Practice is a research platform which looks into the precarious working conditions that artists and creators are facing and study the domestic environment as the scene for working artists (a situation real to my own working conditions in Stockholm). The research looks at the relationship between housework and artwork and all the “shit” that goes into these different types of work. The research sees “home work” as a continuation of “school work” (both unpaid labour activities) and aims to explore how artists working condition (working from home) effects the art work, objects and presentation.

Domestic Art Practice is an on-going research platform that takes various formats; partly through setting up a library of interviews with people that use a domestic environment for making/showing art, as a platform to commission artists to make work in their home, as well as an extension of my own practice for making art in and for domestic environments.

The work invites artists and creators to speak about their working conditions and their art practice as housework.