An Anti-Progress Report

An Anti-Progress Report was a public studio talk, emergency exit dance, therapy session and installation made for Konstfack School of Art and Design degree-show May, 2012.

A studio talk is a format often used in art schools for meeting and discussing artworks. Most commonly this meeting is done on individual bases, similarly to a therapy session between a teacher and a student. An Anti-Progress Report attempted to unleash powers enclosed in my body. It starts from the idea presented in the glossary entry Magic and used the degree-show to talk about my feelings; what depressed me and what formed me. In An Anti-Progress Report I didn’t directly speak about my art instead I used the moment to reflect on the exit my class and I were about to make.

This exit was a finalisation of our studies, of ending a period, of the final talk, the deadline, the mortal end, the cul-de-sac, the exit and the swallowing of the anti-progressive pill before entering the art-world and emerge as artists, to become emerging artists and where is the emergency exit!?