Glasgow Drawing Club is a club for drawing enthusiasts, we meet up in cafes to draw and socialise. There is no prescribed style on how to draw at Glasgow DC, we kindly invite and encourage every style and level of drawer to come along. Drawing can be a very isolating activity, Glasgow DC wants to be a solution to this problem.

Glasgow DC does not teach drawing skills,Glasgow DC does not use life models, Glasgow DC can not supply materials for the whole group, so bring along any material that you think you might need to create or inspire you and your mates drawings.

We hope that Glasgow DC can provide an environment in which one feels uninhibited to draw. There is no membership, one can come and go as one pleases. We envisage the possibility of exhibiting the work that is produced during these drawing sessions, but it is not the priority.

Remember: You do not have to be "good" at drawing as long as you enjoy it.